Alfred Gunn House, Oldbury

The project sees the renovation of the 9-storey block containing 120 apartments which includes the creation of an additional storey to provide a further 10 apartments.  Another 5 apartments will be created on the lower ground floor following conversion.  The scheme also involved the creation of 16 new two and three bedroom houses on disused amenity space.

The project comprises:

  • Over cladding of the blocks with mineral wool insulation and rainscreen cladding to improve the thermal efficiency.
  • Replacement of single glazed windows with double glazed tilt and turn aluminium/timber composite windows.
  • New balcony doors and balcony upgrade to create winter gardens.
  • Extensive fire stopping measures including new smoke alarms and heat detectors.
  • Installation of fire-resistant doors and screens to all floor levels.
  • Additional staircase to improve means of escape.
  • New insulated pitched roofs to cover the existing flat roofs.
  • New front entrance lobbies with secure key fob door entry systems.
  • Replacement of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Additional external CCTV cameras throughout together with cameras located within the internal entrance lobby areas.
  • Upgrade to provide new lists.
  • Major remodel of existing flats to convert three-bedroom apartments into two-bedroom apartments to provide modern living accommodation.
  • Upgrade of street lighting.
  • Landscape works including additional car parking spaces.
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